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My Brooklyn Hamlet  
Lamplighters Theatre My Brooklyn Hamlet
How would you respond if your father killed your mother ... and then married your aunt? Could you forgive him?My Brooklyn Hamlet is Brenda Adelman's true story that plays out like a Shakespearean tragedy in modern-day Brooklyn. The one-woman show stars Adelman herself in a story about family, murder, love, betrayal and the power of forgiveness. In 1995, Adelman's mother was shot and killed by her father, who married her aunt only a few months later. My Brooklyn Hamlet at San Diego's Lamplighters Theatre is a story about one woman's journey to find joy again after losing everything she held dear.



Next Fall  
OnStage Playhouse Next Fall
A witty and provocative look at faith, commitment and unconditional love that goes beyond a typical love story. This timely and compelling new American play forces us all to examine what it means to "believe," and what it might cost us not to. A beautiful and funny portrait of modern romance, asking the hard questions about commitment, love, and faith.



The Who's Tommy  
Ocean Beach Playhouse and Arts Center The Who's Tommy
Based on The Who's classic 1969 double album, The Who's Tommy is an influential rock opera that follows the adventures of Tommy, a "deaf, dumb and blind kid" who transcends the cruelty of the modern world to become a pinball wizard and then a prophet. The original Broadway production ran for nearly 900 performances, earning guitarist-composer Pete Townshend the Tony Award for Best Original Score, for hits like "Amazing Journey," "See Me, Feel Me," "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" and "I'm Free." Earning high scores from audiences since its debut and now appearing at the Ocean Beach Playhouse and Arts Center in San Diego, the groundbreaking The Who's Tommy has lost none of its power to inspire and amaze.



  Other Half-Price Ticket Deals
The 39 Steps  
Coronado Playhouse The 39 Steps
This clever comic stage adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller The 39 Steps turns a cast of just four actors into more than 150 zany characters with a mix of film noir panache, spy novel thrills and more than a touch of Monty Python-esque absurdity. The two-time winner of both Tony and Drama Desk Awards, The 39 Steps is a fast-paced and funny whodunit about a man accused of a murder he didn't commit, who flees from the authorities and encounters a string of hair-raising adventures, as well as an unlikely love connection. Brace yourself for an onstage plane crash, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance in this Village Theatre production of The 39 Steps at the Coronado Playhouse.



MOXIE Theatre Abundance
The uncertain futures of two mail-order brides play out against the wild backdrop of 1860's Wyoming in Abundance, the acclaimed stage drama by Oscar nominee and Pulitzer Prize winner Beth Henley (Crimes of the Heart). It's Quentin Tarantino meets Thelma & Louise. With the acid wit and profound wisdom of a Mark Twain story, Abundance follows Bess and Macon as they struggle to survive while married to men as rugged and difficult as the frontier itself. Episodic in nature, the story arcs over several years and gains an uncanny power as two lives unfold in ways that are at once romantic, funny, brutal and sad. This tale of two courageous women living and loving in the "wild west" is coming to the stage courtesy of Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company, at Moxie Theatre in San Diego.



Aurora and Hank, A Love Story  
North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe Aurora and Hank, A Love Story
Set in the future on another planet, Aurora and Hank, A Love Story, or Will The Drillmaster Torture 10,000 Prevail? follows the couple's adventures as they interact with Dr. Vacuum and his #2, Dr. Spacefish. Will they find Aurora's missing father? Will Aurora be forced into marrying Dr. Vacuum, or will Hank and Aurora marry? Catch this out-there take on your average melodrama to find all the answers. The extraterrestrial tale blasts off at North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe in San Diego.



Awake and Sing!  
New Village Arts Theatre Awake and Sing!
The hard times of 1930s New York threaten to destroy the tenuous ties that bind a working-class family in Clifford Odets' acclaimed Depression-era drama, Awake and Sing!. First produced in 1935, Awake and Sing! is the passionate, ultimately hopeful story of the Bergers, a Bronx-dwelling family of Jewish immigrants dealing with the hardships of the times. Bessie, the Berger matriarch, is willing to crush her children's dreams in order to keep the struggling clan intact, but the irrepressible spirit of youth refuses to be extinguished in Odets' timeless ode to the American working class. See it at the New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad.



Beer and Ballet  
David and Dorothea Garfield Theatre Beer and Ballet
If you think ballet's uptight and stuffy, think again. California Ballet Company's Beer & Ballet lets you grab a beer with acclaimed dancers in a rare chance to get to know what they're like off-stage. Set in La Jolla's David and Dorthea Garfield Theater, this unique hang session offers up local craft beers and snacks after an intimate performance featuring in-your-face choreography. Could it get any more San Diegan than that? You'll see talent by S.D. choreographers Jared Nelson and California Ballet dancers Trystan Merrick and Jeremy Zapanta. When the dancing's done, you can chat with the artists while sipping on some delicious brews. To make the deal even sweeter, your first beer is on the house.



The Dresser  
Lamplighters Theatre The Dresser
Backstage at a theater in the English provinces, Sir is in a bad way. His trusty dresser Norman tries valiantly to prepare him to go on stage as King Lear, but the task is even harder than usual. Unsure of his lines as well as who and where he is supposed to be, Sir, the last of the great breed of English actors, is adamantly determined to roar his last -- and with Herculean effort on the part of Norman, Sir finally makes it on stage. This much-praised drama, which was adapted into a 2015 BBC film starring Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen, examines both an actor's determination to his craft no matter the consequences and the dynamic relationships within a theater itself. Marvel at all the heartbreaking drama of The Dresser at La Mesa's Lamplighters Community Theatre.



In the Mood  
California Center for the Arts In the Mood
Much more than just a concert, In the Mood is a fully staged musical tribute to Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and all the big band greats of the '40s. Complete with costumes and choreography, In the Mood pays homage to America's greatest generation, when people boogied to up-tempo big band rhythms and swayed to intimate ballads. Many of the musical arrangements were written by Vic Schoen, the conductor and arranger for The Andrews Sisters, and music director for both Universal and Paramount Pictures. Experience the swing, the rhythm and the jazzy, brassy, sentimental music of this pivotal time in America's history at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido. The songs and cast are updated regularly, so even if you've seen the show before, expect a few surprises.



Intimate Miracles  
Red Spade Theater Intimate Miracles
You could probably spot a magician's tricks up close, right? Get ready for Sebastian's Intimate Miracles to prove you wrong. No matter how closely you look, you won't believe your eyes as the renowned sleight-of-hand artist makes the impossible happen right in front of your face. Presented in the classic parlor style, Intimate Miracles features Sebastian engaging the audience through both volunteer participation and his comedy-laced patter, while demonstrating jaw-dropping up-close card tricks. Prepare to be both impressed and entertained at the Red Spade Theater in San Diego's famed Old Town.



Into the Beautiful North  
Lyceum Theatres Into the Beautiful North
There are no more men in the sleepy Mexican town of Tres Camarones -- they've all gone to the United States to look for work. When a group of vicious bandidos threaten to take over the defenseless town, 19-year-old Nayeli comes up with an idea to save the day. Inspired by the movie The Magnificent Seven, Nayeli joins up with her best friends Vampi, a goth, and Tacho, who is gay, to embark on an epic quest to America so they can find the town's best fighters and smuggle them back across the border to protect Tres Camarones. Based on the bestselling novel, Into the Beautiful North at San Diego's Lyceum Stage is a funny and heartwarming look at shared dreams on both sides of the border.



The Man Who Came To Dinner  
Welk Resort Theatre San Diego The Man Who Came To Dinner
Famous (and famously arrogant) radio lecturer Sheridan Whiteside gets invited to dine at the house of a rich factory owner in a small town, but slips and injures himself before making it inside in the beloved farce The Man Who Came to Dinner. What follows is a tumultuous confinement, during which time the convalescing curmudgeon riotously takes over the Stanley household -- running up huge phone bills, monopolizing the servants, filling the house with exotic animals and meddling in the lives of everyone involved. Pulitzer Prize-winning duo George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart wrote many comic masterpieces, including You Can't Take It With You and Merrily We Roll Along, but their greatest effort might be The Man Who Came to Dinner. The secret behind the play's numerous revivals is simple: It's very, very funny. See this classic Broadway comedy at the Welk Resort Theatre San Diego, starring San Diego theater veteran Randall Hickman as Sheridan Whiteside.



Margin of Error  
Lyceum Theatres Margin of Error
Suspenseful new drama Margin of Error deals in earth-shattering secrets, both intellectual and emotional. A world-renowned scientist is about to receive the Nobel Prize and ascend to new heights of fame -- but not before his once-trusted, beautiful young research assistant plays a clever game of King of the Hill, seeking to reveal details that will stain his life and legacy. He looks to his long-suffering wife for moral salvation but her patience is at an end, further threatening his fall. New San Diego theatre company the Roustabouts Theatre Co. brings the world premiere of Will Cooper's high-stakes high wire act to the Lyceum Space.



A Piece of My Heart  
Stagehouse Theatre A Piece of My Heart
The drama A Piece of My Heart is based on the true story of six courageous women who signed up to volunteer in 1960s Vietnam. These five nurses, along with a country-western singer booked to entertain the troops, experience the momentary joys of drinking, smoking pot and attending a Bob Hope Christmas show, while also enduring post-traumatic stress disorder and lingering illness from exposure to Agent Orange. Watch as an inexperienced nursing supervisor is thrown into a mass casualty situation and an analyst's report is ignored because she's a woman. A powerful and moving look at each of these women before, during and after her tour, the Vietnam Vets Association recently called A Piece of My Heart "the most enduring play on Vietnam in the nation." See this inspiring production when it comes to the Stagehouse Theatre in El Cajon.



California Center for the Arts Seussical
In Seussical the Musical, cats wear hats and audiences wear smiles -- both two sizes too large. It's almost impossible not to start grinning when this all-ages musical adaptation of Dr. Seuss' stories plunges you into the whimsical world of Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who! and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The stories are linked together by a young boy who is a "thinker of strange and wonderful thinks," and Horton the Elephant, who's out to prove that "a person's a person, no matter how small." Seussical's cast of favorite characters, including the Whos of Whoville, the Grinch and the Cat himself, brings a sense of wonder and fun to this colorful family fave at the California Center for the Arts, Center Theater in Escondido.



Silent Sky  
Lamb's Players Theatre Silent Sky
A period drama about feminism, scientific advancement and the fight to cement one's legacy in the face of adversity, Silent Sky is set in the early 1900s and follows real-life Cambridge astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, an aspiring scientist who joins the Harvard Observatory's all-female "human computer" team. The women are kept behind the scenes and are told to keep their ideas and theories to themselves. As Henrietta navigates these impossible waters, she tries to keep her personal life and family obligations in focus. Presented by First Folio Theatre, Silent Sky examines a woman's place in professional society during a time of both historic discovery and endless oppression, when a woman's ideas were dismissed until a man could claim credit for them. See it now at the Lamb's Players Theatre in Coronado.